Having graduated in Design Crafts from De Montfort University in 2016, my practice is now located in Southern Derbyshire where I specialise in creating ceramic and glass installations for different environments; public, corporate and domestic.

However, providing installations for clinical environments is something I hold close to my heart. I hope that by introducing my work in to such settings I can help improve the quality of life for individuals who are experiencing challenging times.

By combining my love for literature and natural forms the installations become both decorative and emotionally engaging.

Each individual project brings forward fresh proposals, in this instance, I feel it is vital to be both flexible and open to suggestions from those involved, this not only ensures that the installation compliments its surroundings, but leads to new concepts and broader thinking.

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If you wish to view and read more about the projects I have been involved in, then please click on the images to the right. 


My love of photography serves as a great source of inspiration and offers an escape from the four walls of my studio, I enjoy sharing what I capture with others, so you will find these images intermingled with my work on my Instagram account: